“Delivering on every promise….”





Defense Combat Military Group LLC. (DCMG) mission is to protect the security of businesses and government essentials.  DCMG provides the needed resource required to complete any mission. DCMG also follows the most accurate organizational policies and operational procedures.  DCMG strives on unlimited satisfaction, services and quality of all and any mission that we take on.

DCMG focuses on cyber defense and a cyber-deterrence posture. DCMG can also provide logistical support, training and force protection options within CONUS and OCONUS locations.We support information systems, maintain equipment, training programs, security and environmental services.

DCMG is committed in the success of our customer’s missions and goals. Our core values guide our strategic planning of any and all missions; unlimited satisfaction, unlimited services and unlimited quality. DCMG leadership has over ten years contracting experience and knows what it takes to be successful.

Unlimited Satisfaction –We believe in retention practices to prevent high turnover which will keep our customers happy and employees successful. This also reduces financial costs of training and replacing of employees.  DCMG knows that every position is vital. DCMG believes there is always a learning curve for both customer and employee. DCMG understands the need to have organizational commitment to overcome and understand cultural diversity.

Unlimited Services – DCMG believes that we can provide any service with the right personnel in place. Job satisfaction and organizational identification positively affects service quality.  Both variables contribute to how employees perceive their service performance to the customer. Together we will be successful with any services requested from the customer. Customer satisfaction is an important key to success that is why we strive to have satisfied employees ultimately ensuring unlimited customer service.

Unlimited Success – DCMG believes that teamwork on any mission is essential to successfully meeting and providing the client with quality services.

DCMG was founded in 2014 and is based in Spring, Texas.






We provide professional services, we are able to perform a rapid search of our extensive database for the right candidate. From temporary to permanent, to project-based engagements, our experts provide you with the right solution for your requirements for any service.